Many people are afraid to go to the dentist. And this fear always has its basis. It is usually the result of an unpleasant experience, painful manipulation, improper treatment. And time only feeds and intensifies this fear. The elderly person could control themselves, overcome their fears, ask for anesthesia, even “help” themselves with light sedatives. But what to do when it comes to a child?
The best approach for any parent is to avoid “fear of the dentist.” And it’s not that hard! You just need to introduce the child to the doctor who will take care of their teeth in a timely manner. He/She will check often if the little patient washes them properly and will show a bunch of interesting things. I always advise parents to start these meetings at the age of 3, when the child is old enough to be able to communicate. And these visits should be periodic ( every 4 months ), because children forget. It is not even necessary for the child to sit on the chair from the first time. It may take time for him/her to be afraid to try. The parent has to be patient, sometimes the children need a little more time to gain their trust.
Before children create their own understanding , they draw on the experience of their parents. “If Mom says so, so be it!” Then the fear of the parents or a negative comment about the dentistry is transferred to the child without any personal experience.
When approached in the right way, the child gets used to walking without fear to the dentist. Frequent visits exclude the occurrence of complications and painful manipulations. In this way a healthy and beautiful smile is guaranteed.

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