Caries and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special state and at the same time it can bring worries to a pregnant woman. The want-to-be mother has to take care of her health as well as the health of her unborn baby. Some changes occur during the nine months of pregnancy not only in the mother’s body but also in her oral cavity.

One of the myths is that teeth become fragile and prone to caries during pregnancy. Caries may occur more often during pregnancy because of change of diet – more carbohydrates, and worsen oral hygiene due to the vomiting reflex.

Caries can be the result of insufficient calcium levels in the body and the activations of some microbes due to the weaken immune system as well as the saliva components.

The most common problem during pregnancy is gingivitis (gum inflammation). It is characterized by swelling, redness, and expansion of the gums and they bleed during brushing thoroughly, eating, and even spontaneously. The cause of gingivitis during pregnancy is because of the higher levels of circulating hormones in the female body and it most often occurs during the second and third lunar month.

It was believed previously that dental treatment during pregnancy is not desirable, but now it is believed the opposite.

If there is a need, the mother should receive treatment of diseases of the lining of the mouth, as well as the treatment of caries and its possible complications.