Children’s Dentistry

Paediatric dentistry is a treatment of tooth decay in milk teeth, milk teeth removing, treatment of dental surfaces with mineralizing and fluoride rich agents silanizing.

Children under two years of age, as well as other children and adults can develop caries. Therefore, oral hygiene should begin with the eruption of the first milk teeth.

Most often caries occurs when a baby is left to sleep on the mother's breast or with a bottle of milk in his/her mouth. This way, liquids containing high amounts of sugar form a kind of a pool around the teeth and allow the bacteria in the baby’s mouth to produce acids, which are the reason for caries development.

Usually the first affected teeth by this type of caries are the upper front teeth as they are the first ones exposed to the acids and they grow first. Treatment of milk teeth is mandatory because they must remain in the mouth until they are replaced by the permanent ones. This usually happens between the age of 6-12.

Regular dental check-ups should be performed every 6 months and it is very important that the first visit to the dentist’s is before the child has any complaints. The dentist will give you advice on proper dental hygiene, fluoride application, etc .